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SSH News: Debating Open Access, more Heart of the Matter responses, CHA call for papers, and MusCan


Christine McKenna Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

The British Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences recently published a collection of essays addressing the future of scholarly open access practices, which consider their implications for the social sciences and humanities fields and suggest a more nuanced approach to open access policy. The collection, entitled Debating Open Access, is (obviously) available for free, and can be accessed here

The debate about social sciences and humanities education in the United States still...

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SSH News: Conferences, Canadian higher ed, and “Heart of the Matter” reactions


Image courtesy of UBC Library.

Christine McKenna Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

This year’s Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences may be over, but the 2013 World Social Science Forum (WSSF) is just around the corner. Taking place in Montreal from October 13-15, the WSSF is organized by the International Social Science Council (ISSC) and expects to draw over 1,000 delegates from 80 countries to explore the theme "...

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SSH News: “The Heart of the Matter”, Canadian Studies, & Impressions of Congress 2013

Christine McKenna, Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

The American Academy of Arts & Sciences released a report this week entitled “The Heart of the Matter”, which examines the value of social sciences and humanities (SSH) in the pursuit of a strengthened economy and cohesive society. The report makes recommendations for improving American SSH education, and suggests that in combination with STEM disciplines (the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), a liberal arts education could promote innovation and improve understanding of the contexts in which science-based research is applied. An article in the ...

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MOOCs: The next generation of teaching and learning?

What are MOOCs? Are they good for teaching? Good for learning? On March 22, the Federation's Director of Teaching and Learning, Fernand Gervais, explored these questions and more. Looking at French MOOCs, the success of MOOCs across different institutions, and posing future challenges, Dr. Gervais made the case for what could be the next generation of teaching and learning as we move into an increasingly digital world. 

For his full powerpoint presentation, click here.

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SSH News: Senate scandals, breakfast lectures, and international research


Karen Diepeveen, Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

This week was a busy one. Obama’s State of the Union address garnered plenty of reactions, including one from Danielle Allen of the Institute for Advanced Study. Her Washington Post editorial argues that the humanities are just as important as STEM classes.  

Senators here in Canada have had a busy media week – and so have several political scientists. Howard Leeson provided some background on Pamela Wallin’s spending, while Geoffrey Stevens weighed in on the...

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SSH News: Storytellers, digital humanities, and new social science journals

Yesterday, SSHRC launched its new competition for Canadian university students: Research for a better life: The Storytellers. Tell your compelling research story in three minutes or less, and you could be one of 25 finalists to win $3,000 and attend the 2013 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. After Congress, the five final winners will be invited to deliver a featured presentation at this year’s World Social Science Forum in Montreal. See full details on SSHRC’s website.

Brent Herbert-Copley, SSHRC’s vice-president, Research Capacity, wrote a compelling piece in the Globe and Mail recently, focusing on...

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News in the SSH: Congress 2014 curtain-raiser, jobs for Humanities grads, and a new social science research lab opens


Karen Diepeveen, Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Today in Montreal, Graham Bell, president-elect of the Royal Society of Canada, announced that in conjunction with Congress 2014 host Brock University, the Federation will present a Big Thinking lecture featuring Dr. Kevin Kee at the RSC’s AGM in Banff on November 15, 2013. In his lecture “Borders without Boundaries,” Kevin will discuss how we can harness technology to push the boundaries of teaching, bring the past to life and foster academic—private sector partnerships.  

It has been a week of launches across the country – in Hamilton, the Faculty of Humanities and the McMaster Humanities Society celebrated the opening of the Humanities Target Learning & Experiential Education Centre. A...

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News from the social sciences and humanities: Academics weigh in on Idle No More; Humanities 101 grads celebrate

Karen Diepeveen, Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences


Idle No More protests and actions have taken centre stage over the past few weeks, with several of Canada’s political scientists weighing in. In planning surrounding last Friday’s meeting of chiefs and government officials, McMaster's Emmett Macfarlane explored the role of the Governor General. Hayden King from Ryerson broached the subject of division within the Idle No More movement – and argued that it is a good thing.

In Alberta, a good-news story around the University of Alberta’s Humanities 101 program appeared in the Edmonton...

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News from the social sciences and humanities: Summits on Higher Education, MOOCs and royal babies

Milena Stanoeva Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Over the past several weeks, the Parti Quebecois held its pre-Summit on Higher Education panels to discuss funding for the province’s universities. Upon taking office in September, the PQ announced that it will continue the province’s tuition freeze, cancelling the tuition hikes that launched student protests across the province last spring. The PQ promised to hold three pre-summits leading to a main Summit on Higher Education in February to discuss the $32M funding shortage that the province’s universities are facing with the cancellation of the tuition hikes. The issue was compounded by last week’s...

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News from the social sciences and humanities: Big Thinking in the news

Milena Stanoeva Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Several of our Big Thinking speakers from the past two years have been making waves in different publications this week. On Thursday, Dilip Soman (pictured) spoke about financial literacy and behavioral economics to a full house. The Hill Times published an op-ed (behind pay-wall) on policy meant to increase Canadians’ financial well-being by Soman and a colleague, Nina Mazar, to coincide with his Big Thinking lecture.

The November issue of Policy Options features two articles by past Big Thinking speakers. Last month, Timothy Caulfield presented a Big Thinking lecture of...

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