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Mardi 15 avril 2014

Constance Crompton, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, University of British Columbia

Ray Siemens, Canada Research Chair in Humanities Computing and Distinguished Professor in the Faculty of Humanities, University of Victoria

The Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI), directed by Ray Siemens (University of Victoria), is partnering with the Federation and the Canadian Society of Digital Humanities/ Société canadienne des humanités numériques (CSDH/SCHN) to bring a series of 2.5-hour workshops to the DH-curious at Congress.  The workshops, facilitated by established scholars and emerging leaders in the field, offer an introduction to a wide range of Digital Humanities methods and methodologies—from 3D printing and project management to text analysis and gaming.  Each workshop may be taken individually, or as a course of self-directed study and are meant to fit in and around Congress attendees other activities.

The workshops emerge from the DHSI, a week-long summer institute in June featuring classes, a colloquium, and lectures, which has just celebrated its tenth anniversary.  Although the DHSI now attracts 500 attendees to over 20 intensive courses, its origins were rather modest.  In its first year, a handful of digital humanists gathered at Malaspina University College on Vancouver Island to share digital methods and computational techniques with one another.  The DHSI has grown and has moved to the University of Victoria, but its ethos remains the same: as Ray Siemens says “the work we all do flourishes via the moments that bring us together.”  With a wink, acknowledging that Vancouver Island is a bit of a trek for our most easterly colleagues, he leans in,  “we’re excited for the inaugural DHSI @ Congress year. The workshops are a chance to gather with colleagues across disciplines to enhance our understanding of emerging digital research methods in an environment that serves the life-long learning tendencies in all of us… even those of us who aren’t on island time.”

DHSI @ Congress Workshop Schedule

For workshop descriptions and registration, please visit

Wednesday 28 May


  • Opening Plenary: Susan Brown and Michael Eberle-Sinatra, CSDH/SCHN presidents (Thistle Complex 243. Free, all welcome)


  • Introduction to the Digital Humanities
  • Scholarly Gaming

Thursday 29 May


  • CWRCshop
  • Project Management


  • Knowledge Mobilization
  • 3D Modelling for the Digital Humanities and Social Sciences

Friday 30 May


  • Digital Humanities Pedagogy


  • Digital Editions
  • Desktop Fabrication


For more information please visit or email Constance Crompton at


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