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Vendredi 18 mai 2012

Milena Stanoeva Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

CFHSS president Graham Carr issued a response to Margaret Wente’s column in the Globe and Mail attacking the value of a degree in the humanities and social sciences. You can read more responses from some of our member institutions here.

Vivek Wadhwa of the Washington Post argues that Silicon Valley needs more graduates from humanities programs. He points out that while technology start-ups give preference to STEM degrees, surveys show that the majority of business leaders in the technology sector actually have degrees in business or the arts and humanities. He argues that humanities degrees allow graduates to succeed by better understanding the human side of technology.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has an excellent article on “10 Commandments of Twitter for Academics,” which provides great tips for academics looking to join the Twitterverse or veteran tweeters looking to polish their game.

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