Social networking through your citations

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Vendredi 5 février 2010

Ryan Saxby Hill, Media Relations If there is one thing I love it's a good citation. If there is another thing that I love it's probably the Internet. I've noticed that these two things are slowly coming together in the form of online or social-network-oriented citation tools. The UK startup Mendeley got some attention late last year when it was featured on Techcrunch. The tool is billed as the "Last FM of research" because of its similarity to the online music system Last FM. Basically, Mendely allows researchers to build online bibliographies, collect those papers online and then socialize or share their lists with others. This allows for the discovery of possible research sources from likeminded colleagues - opening up lots of options for possible collaboration and interaction. I imagine you can tell a lot about a researcher by their citations. And you know what they say about a researcher with good citations... It seems that building a social network of researchers with similar interests sure beats typing out bibliographic citations in word, but that might be just me. Interestingly Mendeley also published a list of their most popular articles for 2010 - a list that seemed to be missing from newsstands during the new-year-best-of-2010 news blitz.


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