Valuing a liberal arts education

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Lundi 9 mai 2011

Is a Bachelor of Arts degree enough? And how might it need to change? The Globe and Mail investigates in today's paper, exploring why students are feeling more pressure to continue their studies after completing a BA. The rise in graduate and professional degree enrollment is symptomatic of a wider realization: that employers are putting greater emphasis on additional credentials. The article also goes into depth around ensuring student readiness for university education, especially in the face of growing class sizes.

At the same time, the paper's editors stress the importance of liberal arts degrees, noting "[t]he ability to mount a persuasive argument and communicate well are keys to success in so many fields, including business, engineering and information technology." The piece argues that our disciplines, far from being havens for technophobes, develop the skills that will help us strongly succeed in a digital age. A sound defense of the social science and humanities disciplines, the editorial counters the critics who argue university funding should be focused on purely instrumental research.

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