Atlantiar Knekk Tepaw: A Basque-Mi’kmaw Cultural Exchange conference

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Date :

Du Jeudi 27 septembre 2018, 8h00 à Friday 28 September 2018, 18h00

Lieu :

Cape Breton University


Cape Breton University is hosting an international conference titled Atlantiar Knekk Tepaw: A Basque-Mi’kmaw Cultural Exchange conference. Presenters coming from academic institutions in the United Kingdom, Germany, Basque Country, Denmark, France, Spain, the United States, and Canada (Toronto, Montréal, Québec City, Ottawa, and Sydney) will engage in two days of knowledge sharing and intercultural dialogue. They represent organizations such as the Smithsonian Institute (Washington D.C.), the Museum of Natural History (Pittsburgh), University of Oxford (UK), University of Toronto, Carleton University (Ottawa), Université Laval (Québec), and Parks Canada. 

For full list of speakers, click here.

Registration is now open at www.cbu.ca/atlantiar.