CSPC 2017

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Date :

Du Mercredi 1 novembre 2017, 10h45 à Friday 3 November 2017, 10h45

Lieu :

Ottawa, ON


The Federation is organizing a Big Thinking panel event at the upcoming 9th Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC).

The panel is titled “Expertise in a post-truth era: How to be a trusted advisor in a low-trust world” (“Expertise dans une période postfactuelle : comment être un conseiller fiable dans un monde où le niveau de confiance est faible”). It will address the apparent rise in populist, anti-intellectual sentiment around the world and the risks it presents to the research community, public-policy practitioners and the functioning of a democratic society.

This panel is part of the Federation's Big Thinking on the road lecture series.

Mark Kingwell, Professor of Philosophy, University of Toronto
Lisa Kimmel, President and CEO, Edelman Canada
Rima Wilkes, President, Canadian Sociological Association

Gabriel Miller, Executive Director, Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Date: November 2, 2017
Time: 13:30 -15:00

Established in 2009, the Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC) meets an important need for a non-partisan, inclusive, national dialogue on science, technology and innovation policy. Our vision is to ensure systematic connections between Canada’s diverse scientific enterprises and policymakers in scientific enterprises and policymakers in political spheres, both federally and provincially.

The CSPC has become Canada’s most comprehensive, multi-sectorial and multi-disciplinary annual science policy forum and attracted numerous politicians and hundreds of professionals from industry, academia, the non-profit sector, federal and provincial governments every year. The conference has traveled across Canada: Toronto (2009), Montreal (2010), Ottawa (2011), Calgary (2012), Toronto (2013), Halifax (2014), Ottawa (2015, 2016) and returns to Ottawa in 2017.

Because 2017 is Canada’s 150th Anniversary, the CSPC themes are being structured within the following context:

  • How effectively have we used science-based knowledge to meet Canada’s challenges over the past 150 years and also today?
  • How should we use science-based knowledge more effectively over the next 50 years to meet Canada’s challenges?

And here are the five themes of CSPC 2017:

  • What are Canada’s likely challenges in the next 50 years, and how can scientific knowledge be used to solve them?
  • How does Canada get the new scientific knowledge it needs?
  • How do we strengthen the environment for the production and integration of new scientific knowledge?
  • How can we more effectively bring new and existing scientific knowledge to bear on Canada’s challenges?
  • How do we engage the public in Canada’s science system?

See full program details: http://cspc2017.ca/program/.