Founding of the CSSRC


September 16, 1940 - Founding of the Canadian Social Science Research Council (CSSRC)

Social scientists in Canada, chief among them Harold Innis, have been in talks for years about establishing a body to support scholarly research across the country. Finally, shortly after the start of the Second World War, the council is founded. R.G. Trotter was elected the first chairman, with representatives of the Canadian Historical Association, the Canadian Political Science Association, the Canadian Psychology Association and the Canadian delegation of the International Council of Geographers. Also represented are four members of the Dominion Bureau of Statistics, along with John E. Robbins, also of the DBS, acting as Secretary-Treasurer. Funding for the council comes from two American organizations—the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation—both because of the Canadian government’s unwillingness to fund social science research and a desire on the part of the founders for the council to stay free of money with political strings attached.