Farewell to an essential figure


May 10, 1961 - John Robbins retires from the councils

John E. Robbins has been one of the instrumental members in the establishment and administration of the Social Science Research Council of Canada (SSRCC) and the Humanities Research Council of Canada (HRCC). He was present for the founding of both councils, and save for a short break in 1951, served as the Secretary-Treasurer for both councils until he retired in 1961 to become President of Brandon College. To honour those years of service, most of which had been as a volunteer, both councils hold a dinner for him at the University of Montréal. Dozens of former council members, foundation representatives and university officials are invited to give Robbins the send-off he deserved. Some members of the SSRCC want Robbins to stay on as Chairman, but ultimately the council held to its traditional policy of not allowing university presidents as members.