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Media Advisory: Curiosity Shop comes to Brock University

Finally, a place where Ontarians can satisfy their many curiosities!

May 28 to 30, 2014

10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Wed/Thu
9:00 – 2:00 p.m. Fri
Ian D. Beddis gym / Walker Complex
Brock University campus

The Curiosity Shop:  answering your burning questions!

Ever wonder...

  • Is freedom an illusion?
  • Why do we get butterflies in our stomach?
  • How do people remember near death experiences?

How it works:

A travelling booth called “The Curiosity Shop” has come to Brock. Visitors’ questions are recorded at a travelling booth called The Curiosity Shop. Questions are distributed to researchers in Ontario universities. Selected questions – and answers – are posted online.

This week at Brock, scholars and researchers at Congress 2014, Canada’s largest gathering of academics in the humanities and social sciences, are gearing up to give answers.

It’s a great media story! Bring your cameras or recorders, and come find out:

  •  what’s on peoples’ minds and how research makes a big difference in everyday life
  • the difference university research makes in real life
  • how universities, researchers and research are becoming more accessible to the public
  • what real people in real communities are concerned about

Media inquiries, or to set up an interview:

Cathy Majtenyi
Research Communications/Media Relations Specialist
Brock University | Office of Research Services
C: 905 321 0566

Nicola Katz
Manager of Communications / Gestionnaire des communications
Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences / Fédération des sciences humaines
C: 613-282-3489