4th Annual Building Reconciliation Forum

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Date :

Du Jeudi 15 novembre 2018, 9h45 à Friday 16 November 2018, 9h45

Lieu :

University of Victoria, BC


The 2018 Forum brings together thought leaders from universities, Indigenous governing bodies and communities, federal and regional government, and philanthropic foundations across Canada to answer the questions:

How are universities and their partner institutions working together with Indigenous communities to answer the Calls to Action?
What are the obstacles to answering the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action for universities?
How can universities make a positive difference for Indigenous students and communities?
The program each day will be organized as a series of Thought Leadership Panels and related discussion tables that focus discussion on university priorities and regional and national policy issues related to the 5 legacy categories of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report (Child Welfare, Education, Language and Culture, Health, and Justice).